In life, it’s easy to get stuck on one chapter of your life. In the present moment, it feels like this sensation will last forever. But just like any sensation, it too shall cease to exist one day. So what do you do in moments like this? You just ride the wave.

Riding the wave is a phrase I’ve been utilizing lately to describe my own mantra of dealing with life’s difficult moments. I consider these moments waves because the velocity of the moment is minimal. The wave shall crash and all that will remain is a memory of a small moment in history. In life, I think we get hung up on these waves and believe that it defines us of our true character. Even a person who murders someone wasn’t always a murderer. People aren’t born to be murderers. Our experiences and how we perceive those experiences shape our world-life view.

Every sentient being on this planet experiences some form of trauma. The severity of it changes from person to person but overall it still impacts us in a major way. If we don’t continuously look at ourselves and reflect, then those waves could cause us to pick up unhealthy habits and personality traits that manifest us into creations we do not desire.

True reflection is important is what I’m trying to convey.
Having the conscious energy to reflect on your life and what’s happening is a key ingredient to living a dope lifestyle. Understanding the waves you’ve encountered will give you insight on how to navigate those treacherous waters the next time you encounter hardships.

May you be well and happy as you ride the waves. Metta!

Re-Living Suffering

Suffering is an inevitable process. The mere fact that you are born means that you shall experience suffering. Before you jump to conclusions about this being a Debbie Downer post, just hear me out a bit. The Four Noble Truths teach us that suffering exists; it exists because of cravings and desires; there is a way out of this suffering, and that way is the Noble Eightfold Path. Now that you have the basics, let’s talk about some ways to reduce your suffering without vowing to be a Buddhist.

When you have an unpleasant experience. It’s just that. Unpleasant. This unpleasant experience can take one shot at you, or it can torment and plague you for infinite moments. This mode of thinking ruins any possibility of pleasant and neutral moments to enter your life. Labeling your experiences in this way takes the craving out of desiring more or less out of your life. You’re content with what is happening and not attaching value to it. Pretty simple right?

I can recall watching Dan Harris on the Minimalism documentary. Dan discussed how ruminating over missing your flight is not productive to the situation that you’re involved in. When you’ve missed your flight there is no doubt you’ll experience an unpleasant feeling. You’ll undoubtedly follow the thoughts of what that means to you in that present moment. You’ll be late for this meeting, you have to find a new flight, somebody will be upset with you. etc. etc. Having that experience once makes perfect sense. Those are natural feelings. But to keep re-living that experience when there is nothing that you can do about has no logic at all. If you keep complaining about missing your flight or it being late you’re just traumatizing yourself over and over again. So an unpleasant moment that may have only been a speed bump in your life has now become a mountain. While you’re complaining and stewing, others are enjoying this time to catch up on their favorite blogs and podcasts. They’ve taken an unfortunate event and are utilizing the time productively. So instead of taking a jab to the body, you’ve increased the impact of this blow and it’s taking you down slowly but surely.

To continue to look at problems in your life this way creates inessential stress on yourself. We already have issues. That’s inevitable. Let’s not make life harder than what it already is by wanting and craving for something to change. Actions lead to change. Sure, create a vision for yourself. Just don’t get caught up in the hype of comparison and not being happy with who you are and what you have. Understand while you’re wanting and desiring to be in someone else’s shoes, they are doing the exact same thing. So put an end to that suffering. Stop re-living nightmares. Enjoy life at this moment. Whether you are on the top of the roller coaster or at the bottom. Take in the full encounter because one day this story will be yours to tell, and it will catapult you into the person you’ve always wanted to become. I hope these words create a better understanding of how to deal with difficult situations that arise in your life. Stay blessed and encouraged on your journey. Metta. 🖤