The Power of Music

The moods that music puts us in is truly amazing. You can elevate a mood or completely transcend into a different existence. With this newfound awareness, I realize that in today’s society there is a presence over music that has an evil stronghold. The popular music of today keeps minds away from the present moment and in a whirlwind of misunderstanding and disfunction. It feeds the mind bull and you’re suddenly a slave to consumerism all over again. I’m not that old to which I don’t understand that music can be used as an escape from reality.

There is nothing wrong with listening to dance music or ignorant lyrics every once in a while. Honestly it’s probably healthy to have some of that music on stash when moments like the current presidential election just happened. At times you need moments in your life to do hood rat ish with your friends. You can’t be all serious and woke 24/7. Have some fun for Christ sake!

All of that brings me to an artist I’ve been listening to a lot for the past few months. Deniro Farrah. I don’t remember exactly when I first heard his music, but I’ll never forget how his music has motivated me to understand what’s going on in the world. With his raspy voice he proceeds to tell stories of how the system is oppressing the people and leaves us with gems of liberation with each bar. To this day it baffles me that someone of his magnitude isn’t being presented on a bigger stage.

It’s evident that the system is deeply ingrained in the music business. It’s on us to bring light to this and truly support music that we like. One thing I like about Dave Chappelle is that he always supports the artist and music that he personally listens to. I think all of us should adopt that ideology if we want to see more of our favorite artists perform on bigger stages. Or simply if we want to make sure our favorite artists keeps putting out music. We wouldn’t expect anyone else to work for free.

More important than anything else. Just remember to share knowledge when you gain it. It’s not meant to be held onto. The light you gain is meant to be shared until we all are enlightened. I wish you nothing but peace and love as you continue your journey. Metta.


Tech Time

How much screen time are your eyes getting a day? Personally I spend a great deal of my time on either a computer, looking at my cell phone, or watching television. As much as I enjoy these actitives, our eyes werent’ designed to take in so much stimulation in one day.

I’ve talked about technology before and how it benefits our society so much. We truly have unlimited access to information in an instance. In one click I can read about the history of a city, watch videos from renowned professors, and connect with relatives that live in another state.

The issue that most of us encounter is when we use technology to save us from good ol fashioned boredom. Have you ever tried reading a book with your phone right beside you? It’s rough bruh. Every few minutes you may check your phone to surf the web a bit or answer a group chat that has little or no importance in your day-to-day activities. The book that you said you were going to read is now on the low-end of the totem pole for your attention.

How can we combat this? As technology changes, we will have to change with it. Meaning we need to come face to face with this tool. How much of it do I need? Can I live a meaningful life without constantly being plugged into the world-wide web? Yes. Somehow people have been able to survive without needing to update their social media accounts every time something interesting happens to them. It’s not as much of a big deal as we make it out to be. There is no need to share everything that happens to you. Capture the moment and enjoy it.

Experiment with detaching from your devices. Look for alternative ways of connecting with people and stay present. Don’t utilize your phone as a crutch for being bored. Get creative and find ways of entertaining yourself and others that don’t require wi-fi. In these times of information overload, you will be the rebel who has mastered a lost art of connecting with people through 1:1 human interaction. Good luck on your adventures! Metta.


Ultimate Liberation

The mind is in a constant state of feeding. Your thoughts jump from one subject to another in a nano second. On the surface it appears that we are multitasking, but in reality we are just switching back and forth at a rapid pace. When was the last time you gave a person or something you were doing your full undivided attention? This means not checking your device and being fully present in the moment. Hard isn’t it?

Well, with meditation you can train your mind to concentrate on one thing at a time. You learn how to feed your mind nutrients that will sustain your livelihood for years to come. We have become an overly stimulated society and it’s taking more and more to hold our attention. Let’s rebel. Let’s change this narrative of our world. Feed your mind with patience and understanding. Step outside the world of consumerism and take stock of your thoughts. Once you observe the mind without attaching, you will see the karma of thoughts and action come into play. You’ll realize how much freedom you have in this universe and begin to treat your time and actions with more care. Enjoy your journey to ultimate liberation. Metta.

Each Breath

With each breath you reset your mind. You let go of the mental obstacles holding you back from being your true self. You challenge the narrative of “can’t” and replace it with “can”. Take a breath and release the tension. Reset your mind. Breathe with confidence. Knowing that you control what you can control. Your next breath awaits. Another opportunity to set your wheels in the right motion. Be well. Be happy. Metta.


Let the pain you experience be apart of your art. Your journey isn’t just about having everything come easy. Does it suck? Yes. But that’s the beauty of hard times. They don’t last and they make you appreciate life from a different vantage point. Stay encouraged on your journey. Metta. 🖤