In life, it’s easy to get stuck on one chapter of your life. In the present moment, it feels like this sensation will last forever. But just like any sensation, it too shall cease to exist one day. So what do you do in moments like this? You just ride the wave.

Riding the wave is a phrase I’ve been utilizing lately to describe my own mantra of dealing with life’s difficult moments. I consider these moments waves because the velocity of the moment is minimal. The wave shall crash and all that will remain is a memory of a small moment in history. In life, I think we get hung up on these waves and believe that it defines us of our true character. Even a person who murders someone wasn’t always a murderer. People aren’t born to be murderers. Our experiences and how we perceive those experiences shape our world-life view.

Every sentient being on this planet experiences some form of trauma. The severity of it changes from person to person but overall it still impacts us in a major way. If we don’t continuously look at ourselves and reflect, then those waves could cause us to pick up unhealthy habits and personality traits that manifest us into creations we do not desire.

True reflection is important is what I’m trying to convey.
Having the conscious energy to reflect on your life and what’s happening is a key ingredient to living a dope lifestyle. Understanding the waves you’ve encountered will give you insight on how to navigate those treacherous waters the next time you encounter hardships.

May you be well and happy as you ride the waves. Metta!

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