At what point of your career do you stop looking for validation from others? I don’t actually have a poetic answer for this one, I’m truly stuck. It appears that when you’re a newbie the one thing you look forward to is validation from someone within your craft that will encourage you to continue on with your dreams.

What does that look like for you? What’s your motivation for getting out of bed and saying “alright, let’s try this again.” That question rings in my ears from sunup to sundown. You would think the encouragement of your peers is enough, but somehow more is always needed. Imagining myself in the third person keeps my spirits up. If I were my own friend my thoughts about myself would be of encouragement. You wouldn’t chop the tree of someone you know, you would water that energy until it manifests into whatever it becomes. Currently the words to describe this feeling isn’t coming to me. I do know that without positive encouragement, dreams will die. They will crash and burn and wade around your hometown holding on to high school dreams. This has been what I have set out to avoid since I’ve left home. To live with no regrets.

Living life for yourself seems like a selfish endeavor. But tell me this, if you don’t live for you, who will? Do you wait until you’ve given up all hope? I’ve come to the conclusion that the things that once motivated me no longer serve an interest in my life. The vices that once caught my eye are merely a memory now. Can’t imagine wasting the time and energy on such meaningless tasks. It no longer matters. The clothes I wear, the car I drive, the dwelling I inhabit, all of it. It’s meaningless if I’m unable to do what I love. So far that one thing is writing and making people feel something. Getting wealthy from my pursuits would be great but it’s not important anymore. I am what I am. With the universe’s consent I hope to reach another 30 years one day. It won’t matter what cars I’ve driven or what article of clothing I’ve worn. What’s going to matter is the impact of care and love that is spread. That’s it. Everything else is just extras in the story. I look forward to the growth. Hope you are looking forward to yours. Metta.

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