Burning Bridges

In life you will come encounter moments where you need to figure out if a relationship is worth saving. It’s difficult to know what needs to stay and what needs to go. Some ties are much stronger than others. The history of your relationship with the individual plays a factor in deciding what’s needed at this moment. Wanting to show your loyalty to someone is of great importance in the African-American male community. But at what cost? Be mindful of the energy that you keep around you.

The most important question I always have to ask myself is “What is this relationship doing for me now?” If the relationship is one that is similar to a host/parasite, then you may want to rethink the closeness of this relationship. Someone draining your energy and not assisting in replenishing yours is a connection that needs some repairs. Or possibly you need to graciously bow out. It doesn’t have to be a nasty and dramatic break, but you should definitely send a message that your time and energy is precious, and you will not be subject to exploitation.

Just like everything in this universe, people are impermanent. That means their actions and behaviors are too. Believe it or not, humans can change. So I would encourage you to not burn the bridge, but maybe put up some road signs that ensures that your energy will be protected. Send blessings and well wishes their way, but have that same compassion for yourself. Metta.

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