The Issue With “ME”

I wanted to share the sutra from the Charlotte Buddhist Vihara’s meetup this past Saturday. ( In our discussion we talked about all of the different ways one could get off track of the middle path towards enlightenment.

One that particularly stuck out was the concept of “ME” or the thinking that “I AM” above or more enlightened than others. Now, of course I’m only a novice Buddhist who relies on the teachings of Rev. Ayya Suddhamma to assist with my understanding so I do apologize if my words come off a bit confusing.

The moral of this particular passage is that we can get too caught up on the concept of self. Believing that we are “The One” or that we are special than every other sentient being in this universe. Humility plays a huge role in assuring our path towards enlightenment isn’t one that feeds the ego to the point we are unable to consult with others. This discourse was designed for monks of the holy life, but it can definitely apply to lay people such as you and I. As you continue to cultivate your dopeness, remember that there was a time when you didn’t have the knowledge that you currently have. Beware of praise because too much can push you off your path. Safe travels down your path of the river Ganges. Metta.

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