The Power of Music

The moods that music puts us in is truly amazing. You can elevate a mood or completely transcend into a different existence. With this newfound awareness, I realize that in today’s society there is a presence over music that has an evil stronghold. The popular music of today keeps minds away from the present moment and in a whirlwind of misunderstanding and disfunction. It feeds the mind bull and you’re suddenly a slave to consumerism all over again. I’m not that old to which I don’t understand that music can be used as an escape from reality.

There is nothing wrong with listening to dance music or ignorant lyrics every once in a while. Honestly it’s probably healthy to have some of that music on stash when moments like the current presidential election just happened. At times you need moments in your life to do hood rat ish with your friends. You can’t be all serious and woke 24/7. Have some fun for Christ sake!

All of that brings me to an artist I’ve been listening to a lot for the past few months. Deniro Farrah. I don’t remember exactly when I first heard his music, but I’ll never forget how his music has motivated me to understand what’s going on in the world. With his raspy voice he proceeds to tell stories of how the system is oppressing the people and leaves us with gems of liberation with each bar. To this day it baffles me that someone of his magnitude isn’t being presented on a bigger stage.

It’s evident that the system is deeply ingrained in the music business. It’s on us to bring light to this and truly support music that we like. One thing I like about Dave Chappelle is that he always supports the artist and music that he personally listens to. I think all of us should adopt that ideology if we want to see more of our favorite artists perform on bigger stages. Or simply if we want to make sure our favorite artists keeps putting out music. We wouldn’t expect anyone else to work for free.

More important than anything else. Just remember to share knowledge when you gain it. It’s not meant to be held onto. The light you gain is meant to be shared until we all are enlightened. I wish you nothing but peace and love as you continue your journey. Metta.


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