Tech Time

How much screen time are your eyes getting a day? Personally I spend a great deal of my time on either a computer, looking at my cell phone, or watching television. As much as I enjoy these actitives, our eyes werent’ designed to take in so much stimulation in one day.

I’ve talked about technology before and how it benefits our society so much. We truly have unlimited access to information in an instance. In one click I can read about the history of a city, watch videos from renowned professors, and connect with relatives that live in another state.

The issue that most of us encounter is when we use technology to save us from good ol fashioned boredom. Have you ever tried reading a book with your phone right beside you? It’s rough bruh. Every few minutes you may check your phone to surf the web a bit or answer a group chat that has little or no importance in your day-to-day activities. The book that you said you were going to read is now on the low-end of the totem pole for your attention.

How can we combat this? As technology changes, we will have to change with it. Meaning we need to come face to face with this tool. How much of it do I need? Can I live a meaningful life without constantly being plugged into the world-wide web? Yes. Somehow people have been able to survive without needing to update their social media accounts every time something interesting happens to them. It’s not as much of a big deal as we make it out to be. There is no need to share everything that happens to you. Capture the moment and enjoy it.

Experiment with detaching from your devices. Look for alternative ways of connecting with people and stay present. Don’t utilize your phone as a crutch for being bored. Get creative and find ways of entertaining yourself and others that don’t require wi-fi. In these times of information overload, you will be the rebel who has mastered a lost art of connecting with people through 1:1 human interaction. Good luck on your adventures! Metta.


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