Ultimate Liberation

The mind is in a constant state of feeding. Your thoughts jump from one subject to another in a nano second. On the surface it appears that we are multitasking, but in reality we are just switching back and forth at a rapid pace. When was the last time you gave a person or something you were doing your full undivided attention? This means not checking your device and being fully present in the moment. Hard isn’t it?

Well, with meditation you can train your mind to concentrate on one thing at a time. You learn how to feed your mind nutrients that will sustain your livelihood for years to come. We have become an overly stimulated society and it’s taking more and more to hold our attention. Let’s rebel. Let’s change this narrative of our world. Feed your mind with patience and understanding. Step outside the world of consumerism and take stock of your thoughts. Once you observe the mind without attaching, you will see the karma of thoughts and action come into play. You’ll realize how much freedom you have in this universe and begin to treat your time and actions with more care. Enjoy your journey to ultimate liberation. Metta.

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