i am what i am

Had the honor of having brunch with Venerable Ayya Sudhamma this morning. We talked about identities and I was curious which identity she would choose if she were to leave the robes and enter lay life. She responded that she would want to get into some sort of counseling/social work. Ayya used to be a lawyer before leaving that life behind to enter the holy life.

The question made me think about my own identity. I believe that we can seek out to be a certain way, but our natural talents may lead us into an entire different path. What seems to be of importance is that you realize that your identity is impermanent and as you get older the roles change.

I wear a few hats but none defines me more than “helper”. It’s a safe one. No matter what I’m experiencing in life, I will always look to help others. Assisting people with pain is what I do. Even if it means being transparent about my own pain. So don’t get too caught up in the labels. Your status and salary isn’t the only thing that defines your personhood. Enjoy your Sunday and love yourself! Metta.

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