I’m disgusted with what I see from men. It’s never been so in my face until recently. I’m late to the Feminist party but the 💩 that I’m starting to realize is downright crazy. How is it that men were literally birthed from a female human yet treat them so poorly? It goes against any other social norm we have in society about treating others with respect. I apologize for my role in this patriarchal bull. The only way I feel like I can help is by checking dudes when they get out of line. I’m usually one for avoiding conflict, but if I have a daughter, I want her to grow up in an environment where she doesn’t have to fear for her safety. I’m calling on all men to take a stand for the women of the world and stop with this rape culture manipulation to get into a woman’s pants. She lets you into a vulnerable space and you have the nerve to disrespect her? At what point am I supposed to respect you as a man? Get your 💩together brothers. Metta.

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