Know Thyself

Know Thyself is a great aphorism to utilize in your daily practice of cultivating dopeness. So much of our existence is based on the perceived face we put on for our families, jobs, friends, etc. Knowing who you truly are is on the most liberating feelings that you can experience. It can give you a wave of highs and understanding that no drug can compete with. You get an understanding of the universe that we inhabit and you begin to realize your place in it. With an understanding of this magnitude, it’s important that you humble yourself in your understanding. Mostly because if you use your knowledge for sheer personal gain, you will end up receiving the karmic energy of those actions. This is where your ethics comes in. If you are aligned with your ethics and how you interact with the world, then life becomes limitless in the possibilities you can manifest for yourself. Your brain puts these artificial limits on what you can accomplish in life. There is always something that you “need” in order to get to that next level of feeling. The media has told you a bold face lie. You can achieve happiness with way less stuff in your life than you think. Take time out of your day to detach from life a bit and look into who you truly are. Once you see all the strength that you possess. You will realize that you’ve had the power all along. It was just up to your actions to bring about the positive thoughts that you can do it. Don’t make any excuses for yourself. Take the leap and truly give it your all. I’ve personally struggled with this and it’s been reflective of my writing. Negative doubts about my abilities and what I can accomplish plague me from writing anything. Well, not anymore. All of my readers will be on the journey with me. It’ll get ugly but we are going to have some beautiful moments together. I hope that through my path, it will inspire you to take on your own path and liberate yourselves. Metta.

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