Gratitude in 2017

Mother’s Day has come and gone and now we all can go about our lives as we once were. We had that moment where we do something abnormally kind to the person who birthed us and we make a sappy post on a social media site. The praise from others with likes and emojis floods our hearts and we feel good about what happened.

I didn’t think about posting about gratitude until I gave the idea a true look. When do we let people know how much we appreciate them being in our lives and contributing? Is there a set limit on this? Should we only utilize the days marked on a calendar designated for this type of acknowledgement? 

Showing thanks and gratitude does magic for not only the receiver, but the giver too. It softens the harden shell you’re forced to put on to deal with the harsh conditions of this capitalist society. This expression connects your experience and confirms to another that they contributed in enriching your life in some way. 

I would imagine that most of us show gratitude by saying the proper “thank you” after a noble deed has been done. What if you could take it a step further? Showing gratitude can be an art form if you’re mindful about it. When you are completely dialed into someone’s experience, you start to see the areas in their life where you could alleviate some of the pain or bring some joy and happiness to their existence. 

So I encourage everyone to start turning towards your loved ones with open ears. Genuinely listen to what is happening in the world. Be present with them, and when the time comes to show gratitude for all they have done in your life, you’ll show up brighter than the typical thank you. You’ll spread the gift of kindness through your thoughtfulness. Metta. 

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