What an opportunity we have to live this life. We take all of this for granted but it’s quite interesting to see what is happening. I find myself reflecting on the gains and losses over my lifetime, and I can’t imagine a better sensation. There mere fact that I have the brain capacity to reflect on the growth is a blessing in itself. When we think of the life span of the normal human we tend to forget how significant time plays. I mean honestly we waste a ton of time mindlessly wandering. The wandering isn’t even conducive to our life. We are just copying what others say is the definition of a good time. A “one size fits all” lifestyle has been the remedy for our questions surrounding bliss.

As I’m getting older I hear people talk about regrets a lot more. Wishing they had done things before children. Regretting about past experiences takes away from what you can do today. Sure it’s important to learn from the past, but to dwell in it will cause you to stay in a mentality that will keep you stagnant. There is nothing more depressing than hearing people talk about what they could have done. So What! What are you doing today, right now, in this very moment. The past is just a thought, in this very moment you hold the power to create change.

After listening to a Ted Talks about the timeline of the universe. You realize that our lives are pretty insignificant compared to the timeline around us. Billions of years have gone by. Our 200,000 year existence hasn’t even scratched the surface of what was here before us. That’s amazing to think about. When you think about all the chances it took for you to be present on this earth. You really have to look at life as a true opportunity to experience the world for all it’s worth. Depending on your perspective, you can make a real Hell or Heaven for yourself.

The goal of showing you that is not to motivate you to prepare for the Apocalypse. It’s motivation for you to seize the moment of right now. Stripping away those mental blocks that you’ve put up for yourself is one of the most liberating sensations. Realizing that this whole time the key to doing whatever you want was lying in front of you. You just have to wake up and unveil your eyes to what’s happening.

With this new realization that our time is limited on this earth, why in the world would we waste it by doing meaningless activity that serve no purpose to our desire for adventure and well being? I spent a good chunk of my teens and 20’s worried about what others thought of me. Doing mindless behavior to quench your cravings will only lead you to being unsatisfied with life’s fruit. You can achieve a passionate existence on this earth if only we were to observe it from a different lens than we normally would. Good luck in moving forward and creating a better life for yourself. Metta.

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