Swimming Upstream

While you are on your way to cultivating your dopeness, you will notice that there will be distractions tugging at your shirt tail. Slowly pulling you back into the traps created to keep you stagnant. Keep moving bruh! There is a reason why people and those shiny objects want to offset your walk. It’s because that lifestyle can’t survive without you being an open participant in it. It thrives from consuming the time and energy you reserved for walking on the path towards liberation. It’s a difficult battle to go against the stream and set yourself a part from others who have no interest in seeing you progress. 

Once you step away from the defilements that has caused your head to spin, you will see the true nature of how things are. Your actions will change and so will the people around you. The people that respect your changes will stick around and encourage you on your journey. Others will see your changes as a threat to their lifestyle and will hound you about your choices because they no longer benefit them. That exclusion can feel lonely if you haven’t been able to build yourself up strong to handle the changes that will take place. 

Surrounding yourself with people who understand your journey is key to sustaining a consistent practice. This process will enhance your experience with life. If you have to constantly stand up for your beliefs or defend them, then maybe the people you have around you aren’t your support system. The right kind of energy and support on your path is a special find that is worth holding on to. 

It’s true that once you begin to live life for how you see it, your actions will change. You’ll sound different, dress different, your whole demeanor about the universe will change. What’s important is what this change is doing for you. Is it making you a better person? Many would argue that it’s too difficult to change, and it’s much easier to blend in and go with the stream. I won’t argue with that logic. Anytime you can blend in and appear like the others, you will find nothing but praise from society. If you start to have radical ideas about how you interpret this world, you could be cast out of the tribe. That’s the risk with self development. Your true nature may not match what the current groups you are involved in require.

There will be words said about you designed to shame you and to make you stop your new improvements. It’s going to be up to you if you want to listen and go back to the mundane existence that you once knew. Or you could wake up and continue on your journey. Mostly the people trying to get you to conform do truly love you. Their doubts come from their own failed journeys and a desire to protect you from any hurt this world has to offer. This is the beauty of life. No matter what road you choose to take, there will be pain. It’s inevitable. You could literally do everything your parents and society has ever taught you and still end up in a shitty situation. There isn’t a fool proof plan to happiness. You have to cultivate that yourself from your own personal investigation of life. The proof is out there. You just have to find it. The great thing about your journey upstream is that mistakes are required. There is no way you are figuring things out without making some mistakes on the way. In fact you should be delighted whenever you make a mistake. Because you are learning more and more about life’s limitations and what you can do. The brain is collecting data from every action and observation you make. So the more situations you expose yourself to, the more information you can use to analyze later. And draw conclusions based on your own perception of the world, and not that of someone else.

I will say that the journey through self development can be a lonely one. Especially if you have been surrounded by people not on the same wave-length as you. I wanted to personally let you know that your ideas and perceptions are valid. You have the right to pursue the energy that is calling deep inside you. Go out and seek others on a similar path as you. You will see similarities in your walk and you will begin to grow your community. Be kind to your adversaries so that one day they too will see the light that you are walking towards. Stay safe and be diligent. Metta.

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