True Happiness

There is not a lot of days that go by where I don’t reflect upon my life and my actions. There was a time where I felt like a cancer to the world. Everything I touched seemed to crumble and I couldn’t hold together the social status I had worked so hard to achieve. Indeed I was in a dark place and felt like no matter what I did, I was by nature a flawed and unworthy person. Now, skip ahead some months and I will tell you a different perspective.

Regardless of your past pleasant and unpleasant experiences, you are a bright and good person. That is your true nature. Your mind is boundless once you begin to strip away the psychological fences your mind has created from a great deal of imagery produced by a society designed to keep you in a constant state of worry. How is it that the barista at a coffee shop is happier and at peace with life but the junior executive with a luxury vehicle, home with a cul-de-sac, and an impressive credit score is diseased with worry? We have to start rethinking our formula for happiness if we want an honest experience of life.

Do you really know what makes you happy? There was a time that I thought I did. The imagery of happiness we see on the internet and television had skewed my perception. Even now I second guess my self-development because of the perceived happiness of others on social media sites. Progress towards a more authentic you is constantly being challenged by the flashy imagery we see. Rarely do we get a true look at the world without a filter.

The best way to combat some of the irrational thoughts brought on by corporate figures is to challenge what you think you know. Challenge your thoughts, diet, route to work, anything. Some fables were created not with your happiness in mind, but for the benefit of the corporation providing the service. Peel back those layers and you will begin to see things as they truly are. Only then you will be able to accurately figure out what makes your soul happy. Design your own formula for happiness. There is no one path to enlightenment. But what’s an universal truth is that regardless of the path the only way to get there is to journey through it. Making adjustments on the way, but being brave enough to take the steps. That’s what this blog is about. Encouraging others to keep walking in the direction that will lead you to ultimate happiness and gratification. Not settling for a life that was created for someone else. All of our paths look different but the outcomes will be the same if we stay true to our beliefs. Metta.

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