Hurt Bae: V-Day Special

Take six minutes out of your life to check out this video before reading the blog.

While we are on the heels of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be interesting to discuss our views on this video. It’s fascinating to see two people try to re-establish some form of relationship after a breakup. We tend to live in this all or nothing world. Either I have you this way or we have nothing at all. I challenge that thought because relationships don’t end, they just change. That thought comes from no expertise other than my experience in my personal life. There has been times in my existence where I have been closer to certain people at different stages in my life. Does that mean I completely shun them forever if our current relationship isn’t fulfilling at the moment? Nah. Obviously in cases of abuse it’s wise to protect yourself and establish hard boundaries with people. In this case it appears Kourtney and Leonard are revisiting their relationship to see what may still be there. Regardless if they get back together or not, the relationship will be different. Traumatic events like that leave a stain on a relationship. It may never be how it once was, but that doesn’t mean their relationship together can’t be mutually beneficial. That could be on a friend level or a level that is more like, “I don’t wish death upon your life.” If Kourtney was to harbor feelings of animosity towards Leonard, it would only take a toll on her and her future relationships. I’m glad this video was posted. It gives all of us an opportunity to look at the relationships around us and figure out what type of interaction we are willing to have with people. Whether that be friends, family, or lovers. Be in control of the energy you allow around you. Be well. Metta.

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