A Techy Situation

Our technology devices appear to be our main avenue of communication in 2017. It allows us to stay in touch with distant relatives, friends and also the person sitting right next to you. It’s how we get breaking news from around the world, the weather, and alerts about missing children. There is no questioning that our devices play a major role in our lives. Take a moment to sit back and think about how much technology is really needed throughout your day. If you give it some real thought, we check our devices to fill in the “boredom” periods of our lives. The constant checking of messages and alerts plays a major role in our physical and mental health.

As a group of forward thinkers I would encourage everyone to take a careful look at the media you consume and how much of it you take in. Movies, music, television shows, blogs, websites, etc. It’s all designed to do something for you or to encourage you to do something. Figure out what you want from it. Depending on our occupations technology may be in the front and center of our livelihood. At times there is no escaping it.

If we are looking to take full advantage of the world around us, we miss a ton by diving fully into our cell phones. I’m sure you’ve noticed the amount of people on their devices while at a gathering. When working at a restaurant once, I noticed a family of four all on their cell phones while waiting for their food to come out. All of them! It’s not like they were using an article from a website as a talking point. One kid was playing a video game, the other kid was on a social media site, mom was on Pinterest, and dad was watching college football. In my opinion this behavior over time creates a rift in relationships. These are the moments when you have a chance to connect with your family and figure out what their dreams and thoughts are.

A current goal of mine is to use my phone the least amount of times possible in order for me to survive. I think that’s a reasonable goal right? The internet has truly been a blessing when it comes to certain things. I’m able to learn about different cultures at the click of a button. I have complete access to the world with the internet. That’s something that wasn’t available to my parents and generations before them. Instantly I can obtain the minimal amount of knowledge on a certain subject in order to hold a conversation about it. I’m able to connect with people who may have the same ideas that I have. Plenty of groups and organizations have developed from the internet acting as a meeting place. You can literally learn anything that you want. Personally I use my phone to assist with my meditation practice (Insight Timer), learning Spanish (Duolingo), and managing my blog (WordPress). The benefits are endless. Your smart phone plays a key role in your self development process.

As the generations log on earlier and earlier, we must be mindful of how much technology we are giving to our children. Education is moving forward with tech and I don’t foresee it slowing down. In this clip you’ll see a news story about the importance of technology in a child’s development. What you will also notice is the importance of actual face to face time with other humans. The ability to read social cues and understand other people’s emotions is an important skill that shouldn’t be glossed over. After all, these are the skills that bond relationships that matter the most to us. A person’s ability to communicate effectively will bring tremendous value to their lives.

This post wasn’t meant for you to completely get rid of your tech devices and live on a farm with a sun dial. It was designed to push you in the direction of taking control of your digital involvement within the world. Only you know how much involvement is needed to live an efficient life. Metta.

One thought on “A Techy Situation

  1. Awesome post. I’ve been thinking a lot about my own dependence on my phone, and the need to be more mindful about putting it down and really being present. I recently started a blog, Rooted Magic, to document self-care ideas, and would love to hear your thoughts!

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